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Criminal Law

One of the most important decisions you might ever have to make is the selection of the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you, a loved one, or a friend in a criminal investigation or against criminal charges that have been brought by a federal or state law enforcement agency.

Being the object of a criminal investigation is an emotional roller coaster, defending against a criminal charge is a major upheaval in life, and a criminal conviction may have catastrophic consequences including the loss of freedom. Our firm understands it is natural for people who have been accused of a crime to feel great anxiety about their case.

Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for every client, whether through dismissal of the charges, deferment programs, resolution through victim restitution, pleas to a lesser charge, or going to trial. We work closely with our clients to give you a clear understanding of what your options are so that you may make informed decisions.

When the friends and family members of former clients find themselves faced with criminal charges, those clients refer their loved ones to our law firm. Our high rate of referrals is the result of our high success rate, as well as the personal attention and communication we display in every criminal defense case we handle.