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  • A Bench Warrant is an arrest warrant issued from “the bench”, in other words from a judge. It is generally issued by a magistrate or circuit court judge for failing to appear in court. It can be extremely difficult to get a loved one out of jail if they are incarcerated on a bench warrant. The government sometimes will try to ignore your case if you are incarcerated on a bench warrant because they know it is difficult to obtain your release. You need a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to make sure your loved one spends as little time as possible while incarcerated on a bench warrant. It is all too easy to spend far too much time in jail waiting for a court appearance in this situation. You need an aggressive and dedicated lawyer to make sure you or your loved one does not fall through the cracks and spend wasted time waiting for the government to deal with your case. Our lawyers know how to file the appropriate motions to move your case forward and to get your case resolved. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.