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An employee is generally entitled to: a) medical treatment for his work-related injuries; b) pay for missed work and; c) a financial settlement at the conclusion of the case based on the permanent injuries sustained.

a) Medical treatment: an employee is entitled to medical treatment for his work-related injuries. The treatment is usually provided by a doctor chosen by the employer.

b) Temporary total benefits: if the employee is kept out of work by an authorized treating physician he may be entitled to receive wages during his absence from work. The benefits paid under workers’ compensation are calledtemporary total benefits and are based on a percentage of wages earned by the employee over time.

c) Permanent disability: an employee may be entitled to compensation if he has sustained permanent injuries as a result of a work-related accident. The disability is based on many factors including an impairment rating given by a doctor, the educational background of the employee, as well as his age and other vocational factors.